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I am a World Record photographer and Base Jumper, BPA AFF Instructor and FF coach, British Gold, Silver & Bronze medallist, and UK and French FF Record holder.


Ewan Cowie

Ewan Cowie

Ewan Graeme Cowie, born 1st September 1984 in Arbroath, Scotland to Gordon and Lyn Cowie. When Ewan was 6 months old, his family, including older brother Calum moved to Lossiemouth, situated further north in Scotland, and the childhood home of his father. While living in Lossiemouth, Ewan practiced and competed in many sports, including Swimming, Ice Hockey, Karate and Gymnastics. He lived there until he went to the University of Edinburgh at 18 years old.

At University, Ewan obtained a BSc. in Geology and Physical Geography, and then went on to complete a MSc. in Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery. In his first year of University, Ewan began skydiving, and discovered both a passion and natural proficiency for the sport, becoming British Collegiate Parachute Association (BCPA) Formation Skydiving champion as part of his team with Jonny Flowers and Ruth Morrison. In 2006, they were awarded the prestigious Edinburgh University Sports Union Blue medal for their achievement.

After finishing university in 2007, Ewan went on to have a successful career as lead Project Manager at renewable energy development company, Greenspan, until 2013. During this time, he was directly responsible for the approval and construction of many megawatts of renewable energy projects in Scotland. Ewan continued to be a passionate competition skydiver, and photographer, during this time, as well as becoming a BPA Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Instructor. During this period, he gained several Bronze medals in Formation Skydiving with his team Sirius at the British Nationals, before ultimately moving onto the discipline of Vertical Formation Skydiving as Videographer with his team QFX, where he gained the Silver medal in 2013, and became British National Champion in 2014. He represented the UK at world level with QFX at the World Championships at Prostyev, Poland in 2014, and the World Air Games in Dubai in 2015.

In 2014, Ewan moved to Marseille, France, and became a full time professional skydiver and began to film National and World Records, as well as skydiving events all over the world. He also taught many students how to skydive, including the UK and Bahrain Special Forces soldiers, and was a Wind Tunnel coach.

In 2016, he became the photographer for Jetman Dubai, and has travelled all over the world to locations such as Norway, Spain, France, China, Dubai and Italy photographing the Jetmen in action. In 2016, Ewan began the sport of BASE jumping, and to date has completed over 300 BASE jumps, and participated in the 2018, 69 way BASE jump World Record in Eikesdalen, Norway. In 2018, he began collaborating closely with World Champions Greg Crozier and Karine Joly of French team Airwax, skydiving over many unique locations with them, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Maldives, Namibia, Kenya, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and creating the Project Ultimate 4D in Lyon and Marseille. To date, Ewan has completed over 5000 jumps in 22 different countries and has become one of the most recognised skydiving Photographers in the world. In 2021, Ewan was asked to become the cameraflying instructor for online platform Krāv. He is currently based in Empuriabrava, Spain.


200 way Vertical World Record attempts 2018 (official videographer).

69 way BASE jump world record holder 2018

60 way French head down record attempts 2017 (official videographer)

4 way VFS (Team QFX) World Air Games , Dubai, UAE - 5th 2015

38 way UK head down record 2015 (official videographer)

4 way VFS (Team QFX) Nationals, UK - Silver 2015

4 way VFS (Team QFX) World Championships, Prostejov, CZ - 6th 2014

4 way VFS (Team QFX) Nationals, UK - Gold 2014

48 way French head down record 2014 (official videographer)

4 way VFS (Team QFX) Nationals, UK - Silver, 2013

30 way UK head down record holder 2013 (participant)

4 way FS (Team Sirius) Nationals, UK - AA class, Bronze 2010

4 way FS (Team Sirius) Nationals, UK - A class, Bronze 2009

4 way FS British Collegiate Parachute Association Nationals, UK - Gold 2005


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